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Corporate Group Philosophy

A union of medical ethics and corporate logic

Ikuo Kantake

Ever since I started my work as a dentist at the age of 29, I’ve come into contact with a lot of patients. From my experience as chairman of a medical corporation and as CEO, I’ve reached the conclusion that the medical and healthcare industries need to raise awareness in terms of the adoption of corporate strategies, customer-first policies, and organizational skills. Moreover, there’s no future for these industries unless we improve the quality of services through free competition and active promotion by streamlining company structure and information disclosure.

At DS Healthcare Group, we concentrate on the field of dentistry and are now aiming toward the integration of dental, medical, and caregiving services as well as creating a secure and hospitable regional community.

We also aim to globally expand new techniques and services such as preventive healthcare and dental lab technology, thereby promoting the caregiving industry as an asset that supports the next generation rather than as a liability. We also wish to contribute to society, as well as to help revitalize the Japanese economy.


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