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What does the DS Healthcare Group mean?

DS Healthcare Group

The DS Healthcare Group is an organization of enterprises and medical institutions with a shared basic philosophy and common principles. There is no capital or personnel relationship between the business corporations and medical institutions within the Group. While individual companies and medical institutions have their own policies, the adoption of a shared management philosophy and common principles enables exchanges in social awareness programs, cultural activities, seminars and study groups.

Basic philosophy of the DS Healthcare Group (company policy)

An average doctor cures illnesses, a good doctor cures people, and a great doctor cures the country. In this regard, the revitalization of Japan stands as the cornerstone of our basic philosophy.

Principle of the DS Healthcare Group

Integration of medical ethics and corporate logic.

As a pioneer in on-site dentistry, Dental Support (DS) focuses on the nationwide expansion of on-site dental care. This service involves visiting homes, hospitals and facilities to treat people who cannot visit dental clinics themselves. However, despite such provision, we strongly feel that people still struggle to find medical care and nursing together as a package.

DS ultimately aims to provide a one-stop service that covers all aspects of the field from medical science to support for the care of residents as patients by seamlessly combining dental care, medicine and nursing. We further focus on improving the quality of services provided in the respective fields and creating new communities by meeting residents and matching our services to their value perceptions.

Demographic aging in Japan is the most marked of any country in the world, and the systems now in place for its graying population can be deployed in other countries with an aging trend. This will help to enrich the lives of the entire global community. To this end, enterprises providing support/nursing services and medical institutions providing medical care should act in harmony.

DS contracts with DS Healthcare Group clinics and affiliated facilities to arrange dental care visits. In particular, DS Healthcare Group clinics are medical institutions pursuing a shared basic philosophy and common principles with the aim of achieving and developing integrated dental, medical and caregiving services by working as a group


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