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The caregiving business of Dental Support runs daily caregiving provided at a facility (with pick-up and drop-off service) as well as it provides on-site nursing service (caregiving and on-site caregiving services). We offer a complete caregiving service to fulfill various needs of the users so that they can live their life the way they want.

Nursing home

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We own the trademark ‘Well Life Series’ of housing for the elderly situated at 26 places across Japan, while we also run 7 homes under our direct management.

Well Life Series is contract style housing similar to the usual rental housing. It does not require high lump sum payment while moving in. Moreover, the house rent is also in low priced range and one can lead a free life by pursuing one’s hobbies, while living in separate, private rooms. Whenever required, services like catering service, on-site caregiving, livelihood support can also be availed.

Further, we are concentrating on oral care by leveraging our experience in on-site dentistry support. There is a strong association between oral cavity and systemic illness and therefore we intend to help improve the QOL of the residents by conducting training on oral cavity function and methods to keep the oral cavity clean.

Daily care giving services

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Rehabilitation of oral cavity function has been adopted as a rehabilitation type daily caregiving service (with ambulatory care), which is the first of its kind. Expansion all over the country has started with the opening of Total Rehabilitation Center in April 2011 at Kamata.

It is a day service specialized for full-fledged rehabilitation corresponding to the maintenance treatment of cerebral infarction patients or of those who have completed rehabilitation at a hospital. It is a place that can provide body function rehabilitation necessary for a hurdles life. Further, ‘rehabilitation of oral function’ has been added as our proprietary viewpoint, which will enable general health maintenance and recovery of bodily functions.

On-site caregiving

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The care manager of Dental Support first tries and understands the living conditions and physical status of the person and charts a service plan according to the degree of care required. A helper then visits the user’s home and provides nursing service and livelihood support based on the plan.


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