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Dental Lab Technology

The Dental Lab Technology department of the DS Healthcare Group develops dental products that meet the requirements of dentists as well as patients. The dental lab products manufactured by national license holder dental technicians using the latest materials and equipment are not only of high quality, reducing treatment time, but have a long life to maintain one’s health.

It is needless to say that both mental and physical health is important to live a comfortable life. Apart from being a part of our body, a “tooth” plays a very important role in maintaining our mental health. One may hurt or even lose one’s teeth. Dental Support would like to help people recover their lost or damaged “teeth”.

Features of Dental Support’s dental lab technology

Mechanization (Introduction of CAD/CAM)

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Due to the advancement in IT, the so far manual process of manufacturing dental lab products has been digitalized and mechanization is becoming a standard in the dental technology throughout the world. We at Dental Support, in a prompt response to this development, established a CAD/CAM center, and introduced a high performance state-of-the-art CAD/CAM system to meet various needs like large prosthesis, high-strength zirconia that is difficult to handle etc.

Developing the products that meet the needs of medical practitioners

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<Main products>
Crown and Bridge:PFM,Cad-Cam Nano-Zirconia,Emax-crown/inlay,Laminate,Attachments
Implant:ITI・Nobel-Biocare,Astra GC,DENTSPLY,3i etc...
Partialand Denture:Valplast Partial,Framework,Standard Premium Denture

Obtained ISO9001:2000 certification

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A dental lab product is in a way a dental technician’s “creation”. In order to avoid the variation in the quality of dental lab products depending on the technical level or sensitivity of an individual dental technician, the entire process from receiving an order till its delivery is managed through standardized procedures in the laboratory. Dental Studio has obtained ISO9001:2000 certificate for manufacturing and provision of dental lab products and it strives to maintain its technical level and provide stable service.


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