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Other businesses

Personnel placement

Recruitment BusinessImage

Dental Support has been providing reliable and safe staff that has been working in the field of medical support for many years and is experienced in on-site dentistry. Right from application, interview, recruitment till the actual job commencement, we provide thorough support to those seeking new jobs or considering career change or to medical institutions looking for staff.


Online business

We provide WEB support services to the DS Healthcare Group and WEB services to the medical science and caregiving industry.


【WEB support services for the DS Healthcare Group】

  • ・We administer the WEB sites operated by the Digital Support Group, right from building website strategies to creation and operation.

【WEB services for the medical science and caregiving industry】

  • ・We have developed an online site for caregiving institutions and an iPad based medical fees calculation tool.

Customer Service Training Seminars

Customer Service Training Seminars Image

Dental Support’s customer service training seminars not only teach basic verbal and body language related manners, but go a step further to teach ‘Customer Service in Medical Care’ with an importance placed on hospitality.

We also conduct touring seminars and mainly offer assistance in workshops, event seminars and staff trainings. We plan the contents after taking into consideration what the organizers want, occupation of attendees and lecture time.


Business Areas

  • Dental Check-up Visits
  • Medical Check-up Visits
  • Nursing
  • Dental Tools
  •  International Operations
  • Oral Care and General Research
  • Others