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Overseas operations

While the DS Healthcare Group aims at offering integrated dental, medical, and caregiving services, it is already highly rated and supported by the patients and service users as a provider of customized and attentive services.

From the year 2011, the group started offering consultation in dental lab technology through its group medical corporations by leveraging their experience in providing healthcare services.

Initially, we plan to open number of dental clinics and dentaltechnological laboratories in China by seeking cooperation from some of the healthcare corporations from our group. Experienced senior Japanese dental practitioners who also have excellent technological competence will be posted in these dental clinics. We aim at developing a high quality, refined service - Spirit of Hospitality - by offering consultation in both aesthetically and functionally excellent Japanese medical technology.

Highly qualified Japanese dental technicians will be dispatched to China to train Chinese dental technicians in creation of dental lab products.

Japan boasts its top-class competence in the field of dental lab technology. Only those dental technicians who have a national license and have passed the national examination are allowed to produce dental lab products.
Further skilled dental technicians will be posted to China, who will produce high-end dental lab products that will cater to the needs of the Chinese dentists.

Currently opened group medical institutions

Oral health care department in the 21st Century Hospital

It was opened in April 2011. Medical corporations from the DS Healthcare Group provide technical support to the dentistry department of the 21st Century Hospital in Beijing. The department specializes in medical practice focusing on esthetic dentistry and implantation. Deputed Japanese dentists and dental hygienists work hand-in-hand with the Chinese staff to provide medical care.

Shanghai Dental Instrument Factory Co. Ltd.

It was opened in July 2011. Medical corporations from the DS Healthcare Group provide technical support through the Shanghai dental laboratory - a dentaltechnological laboratory in Shanghai. Japanese dental technicians manufacture zirconia-based high-end customized dental lab products.


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