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On-site Dentistry

On-site Dentristry Support

On-site dental care is a treatment style where a dentist or a dental hygienist make a visit to the homes, institutions or hospitals to treat those people who are not able to visit the dental clinics on their own.
At Dental Support, we have rolled out a venture that provides a full scale support to on-site dental care.

Dr. Kantake, Chairman of the Board of Directors & CEO, who himself is a dentist, started the on-site dental care service in 1997 targeting those patients who were admitted in the hospitals, or were residents living in institutions, or those living in their homes confined to bed, and find it difficult to visit a clinic. In the following year 1998, amidst the several regulations in the medical circles of Japan, he wanted to expand this on-site dental care service that has an extremely high social requirement, across the entire country. As working against the clock, management skills and skills for procurement of the funds were mandatory requirements, he built a business model for Medical corporations, where everything other than the course of medical treatment will be supported by a business corporation.

On-site dentistry

【Before the establishment of the business】

Market survey needed for starting the on-site dental care, loan for the capital required to start a dental clinic.


【Treatment support】

  • ・Procurement of vehicles for making the visits and key hospital instruments and material required for on-site dental care treatment
  • ・A call center operation that would include the information desk for making reservations for treatment, an operation for managing visit schedules
  • ・An accompanying coordinator for driving/traffic control, preparing and carrying the medical equipments, giving assistance to the patients at the time of treatment

【Business Operation】

  • ・Educational campaigns related to home-visit dental treatment for hospitals, institutions, and business institutions (care managers) that support on-site caregiving offices.
  • ・Sales activities to acquire clients like hospitals, institutions etc.


  • ・ Support recruitment of dentists, dental hygienists


Goes along with the practitioner for the on-site dental care and drives the vehicle for the visit. At the place where the treatment is to be given, the coordinator carries and sets up the medical equipments and other necessary material, does the preparations, and provides the necessary assistance in the treatment based upon the instructions given by the dental practitioner.
He also handles the maintenance of the instruments used, replenishment of the material supplies etc, coordinates and liaisons with the patient's family, institution/hospital staff.


Supporting Dental Check-ups in Companies

Supporting Dental Check-ups in Companies Image

This is a service to provide dental check-ups based on requests from the companies. Dentists are dispatched to carry out the dental check-up for those who want to get it done within the company. Amidst the growing awareness regarding the significance of oral care as a means for reducing total cost of medical treatment, there has been an ever-increasing demand not only from companies, but from various bodies such as schools, citizens’ health check and so on.
Apart from dental check-up, we have made efforts towards “Oral care” as well, where guidance can be obtained directly from dental hygienists. We have arranged programs covering various aspects for an early prevention of oral problems.


Business Areas

  • Dental Check-up Visits
  • Medical Check-up Visits
  • Nursing
  • Dental Tools
  •  International Operations
  • Oral Care and General Research
  • Others