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Oral Care

Right from the time of its establishment, Dental Support has been conducting educational campaigns and presenting research reports that consolidate the results of day to day oral care activities, with a focus on the importance of oral care.

Oral Care

Oral care does not merely imply the cleaning of mouth, it is a comprehensive term for the oral care done with the aim to prevent infections, maintain/restore the oral functions and health of the entire body, and improve the quality of activities of our day-to-day life. At Dental Support, we are making use of our rich experience in the on-site dentistry treatment support to implement oral care through our appointed dentists and dental hygienists.


Oral care seminars

With an aim to bring about awareness on the importance of oral care and the manner in which that care should be given, we conduct oral care seminars, which target dentists, dental hygienists and caregivers.

Oral Care Seminar Image

【Seminars being conducted at present】

  • ・Let’s Begin! Oral Care
  • ・For older people admitted in hospitals
  • ・First step towards on-site oral hygiene
  • ・“Oral Care” and dietary support
  • ・Seminar to put the day-to-day oral care into practice
  • ・Oral Care Seminar for people who have difficulty with oral care

General Research Institute

At the General Research Institute, associate dentists and dental hygienists carry out research and educational campaigns related to oral care. They are involved in activities in many fields such as research papers, academic conference presentations, product development and so on.

【Key Research papers / Academic conference presentations】

Yoshihide Nishiyama “Changes in the nursing requirements and oral health status of elderly patients who have received on-site dental care”
Journal of the Japanese Stomatological Society, 72, 172-182, 2005

【Product Development】

  • ・Toothpaste without any additives [Green plum flavored toothpaste “WA (Harmony)”]
  • ・A Booklet with DVD “Kuchi kara genki! Hajimeyou kohkoh kea” (Feel good from the mouth! Lets start Oral care)

Business Areas

  • Dental Check-up Visits
  • Medical Check-up Visits
  • Nursing
  • Dental Tools
  •  International Operations
  • Oral Care and General Research
  • Others