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On-site Medical Care

Medical Visits (Home care) Support

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On-site medical care is provided to people who cannot go to the hospital. In this type of service, physicians and nurses of the clinic visit homes or institutions regularly after creating a schedule and examination policy based on a planned medical management. Dental Support is engaged in providing overall support to medical clinics that conduct medical visits.

【Main contents of the on-site medical care support】

  • ・Market research required for starting medical visits, loan for start-up capital required at the time of opening a clinic
  • ・Agency for creating receipts
  • ・Holding informatory medical seminars for hospitals, institutions, and on-site caregiving support offices
  • ・Assistance in recruiting physicians and nurses

Providing One-stop Service

We recommend our nursing care service (on-site caregiving support and on-site caregiving) or our residential paid nursing homes to people who need on-site caregiving or people who have difficulties in leading day-to-day life at their home. In addition, by introducing on-site dental care visits for people having oral cavity problems, we are working on creating a system that would offer integrated dental, medical, and caregiving services.


Business Areas

  • Dental Check-up Visits
  • Medical Check-up Visits
  • Nursing
  • Dental Tools
  •  International Operations
  • Oral Care and General Research
  • Others